Hello, a blast from the past! Save me, Obiwan Kenobi (ie flist buddies )

Well, in a completely spontaneous decision, I began posting a sga story I started writing back in Sept 2008 once I realized I only had the last two chapters to finish and I could actually see the ending in my head. I'm looking for a beta reader who would help me polish the remaining chapters by proof reading them (there's probably going to be 17 chapters all total.

It's been looked out by more than one beta reader over time, but I'd really like to have someone read through it with a discerning eye, focusing on grammar and continuity, and to maybe help bounce ideas of the best way to organize the remaining chapters to write.

The first few chapters have been posted on ff.net. Here's the addy if you want to see what you'd been getting into. Again, you'd have my undying gratitude for helping me out! I thank you in advance!

website addy!

Dnag it, I did it again! Here's the website URL for Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season 6: www.brothersinarmsfiction.com/beyondatlantis/intro.html

Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season 6 -- Ep #8 "A Little Piece of Home"

Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season 6 - Ep.#8 A Little Piece of Home now available

Written by: Winnie
Artwork by: Kay
Summary: A mission to a new planet leaves Sheppard and Ronon fighting for their lives while Rodney and Teyla search for answers. .

Episode available at the website.

Thanks also to Kay for this wonderful ad:

Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season 6 - Episode #6 Soul Drinkers coming Oct 7th

  Well, this one is by me.  It was lots of fun to write.  Hope you enjoy it!
Written by: [info]valleya
Artwork by: Lily ([info]sheppard4lily )
Summary: Soon after arriving at an Ancient installation, the team finds themselves trapped inside by a heavy sandstorm. It doesn't take very long before a much greater danger is discovered and it's up to the team to find a way to survive.

Preview available at the website.


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belated announcement for Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season 6, Episode #5

Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season 6 - Ep.#5 Incursion available as of September 7th
Sorry for not posting this sooner. 

Written by: writerjc
Artwork by: Lily ([info]sheppard4lily )
Summary: While investigating a world that had been listed in the information left on McKay's computer by the Weir replicator, the team stumbles upon a threat that follows them home. In an effort to save the city and their friends, will one member of the expedition make the ultimate sacrifice?

Episode available at the website.

belated announcement for Episode #4 of the Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season 6

Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season 6 - Ep.#4 Runner too and trailer (vid) NOW AVAILABLE
The 4th episode is now online. An episode 5 is also available.

Written by: Winnie
Artwork by: Kay (*waves at Kay here*)
Summary: Sheppard and Beckett visit the planet Cablaos where Carson treats the villagers. John takes a puddle jumper to collect samples of a plant that has medicinal capabilities. A freak storm causes him to lose control and he crashes and awakens to find himself in the hands of Wraith worshippers. A hive ship arrives and he is taken aboard and fitted with a tracking device that wreaks havoc with the ATA gene. The Wraith set him free on Sateda where the hunt begins and Sheppard must call on everything he knows to survive and evade them until help arrives.

We're providing two links for each episode: one with artwork and one with text only. Both available at the website.

Beth has made a fantastic vid for the virtual season. To watch the vid, go to the website and follow the links. Please right click and choose "save as" to save it to your own computer before watching.

Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season 6 - Episode #3 "The Devil You Know" coming 7th

Written by: liketheriver ( </a></b></a>liketheriverrun
Artwork by: Lily  ( </a></b></a>sheppard4lily)
Summary: With Atlantis adrift in the Milky Way and on the verge of losing all power, the expedition is desperate to find a way to save the city.    The potential for help once again comes from an unlikely source− Todd, who’s desperate to save himself from starvation.  The offer, however, comes with a dangerous string attached for Sheppard, one that could jeopardize the lives of his entire team as they hatch a plan to travel back to Pegasus where a new Wraith Queen has set her sights on Todd’s Wraith alliance and domination of the galaxy.  With the fate of Atlantis in the balance, the team must contend not only with the Devil they know, but also the new one that they don’t.
Preview available at the website.

Stargate Atlantis Virtual Season 6 Ad for Episode #2 T-Minus Twelve Coming June June 7th

Beyond Atlantis Virtual Season 6 - Ep.#2 T-Minus Twelve coming June 7th

Written by: John and Cheryl
Artwork by: Lily
Summary: The Antarctic researchers discover a piece of Ancient technology that is emitting an audible alarm. Suspecting the pattern to be some sort of countdown alert, they ask that Dr. McKay come to analyze the emission. But that's not all, before Sheppard's team arrive, they also uncover an unknown energy signature coming from the opposite side of the world… and they ask Sheppard and his team to investigate.
Preview available at the website